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Indirect Tax Consultancy

The firm offers various services for catering to the client's needs for their issues related to Indirect Taxes such as Customs, Central Excise, Service Tax, 100% EOU/STP/EHTP, SEZ, Foreign Trade Policy, and emerging Goods and Service Tax..

Customs Consultancy

M/s Raashee Consultants renders consultancy on a wide range of issues that is related to Customs. Our right guidance enable our clients to make the most of Custom concessions and relief. Our service includes:
• Handling of all kind imports clearances e.g. Normal i.e., without any concession duty, Duty Free under Advance Authorization, under Duty Free Import Authorization, under Duty Entitlement Pass Book Scheme, under EPCG Scheme, Project Import Clearance, Concessional rate of duty clearance – Annexure –III, under Focus Market, Focus Product, Hi-tech goods, Served from India Scheme, Target Plus etc., Clearance under Visheshkrishi & Gram UdyogYojana Scheme.
• Handling all kinds of export clearances, i.e. Duty Free Exports without claiming any export benefits, under Advance Authorization, under DEPB, under Duty Free Import Authorization, under Duty Drawback, Re-Export of rejected material, under EPCG Scheme.
• Scrutiny the import documents.
• Preparation of the Re-Export documents like Invoice, Packing List, Request Letter for GR Waiver.
• Submission of Request Letter for getting GR waiver to the Bank, follow up and collection of the same from the Bank.
• Collection re-export documents like Invoice, Packing List, GR Waiver etc. along with the defective items for Customs Clearance.
• Filing of Shipping bill, Assessment of S/B, Clearance of goods from the Customs.
• Claiming of Duty Drawback under Sec. 74 & 75 of Customs Act, 1962.
• Fixation of Brand Rate of DBK.
• Claiming of Refunds of EDD amount after finalization of SVB.
• Filing application for finalization of SVB by the Customs.
• Co-ordination with the customs department for finalization.
• Obtaining the SVB final order from the customs department.
• Assessment of provisional bill of entry and get finalized.
• Closure of PD Bond executed with the customs department.
• Preparation, submission and obtaining the refund of EDD amount paid from the customs department.
• Advisory services relating to various aspects of custom law and applicable regulations. We cover in it the rates of duties, exemptions, valuation planning, classification assistance and assessments.
• Advice on a wide range of custom procedures and its documentation requirements, including import and export of goods, clearance of imports, warehousing, duty entitlements etc.
• Assistance on the policies and procedures set down under the Export-Import (EXIM) Policy like licensing requirements. We provide the right guidance to enable our clients to make the most of various benefits available to specific entities/projects or to units in certain specified areas and concessions available under various export promotion schemes.
• Advise and analysis of the existing anti-dumping proceedings.
• Preparation and filing of complaints with the Directorate General of Anti-Dumping (DGAD).